How to care for a canary

How to care for a canary?

The canaries are undoubtedly one of the most popular species of birds, becoming an ideal pet due to their beautiful appearance and pleasant song. But like all animals, they also need certain attention, so we give you the keys so that you know how to take care of a canary and guarantee a healthy life.

How to care for a canary?

How to care for a canary

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

The first step is to acquire a spacious cage for the canary. The location of the cage is very important, we must choose a space in which there is not too much sun or very strong wind and in which the canary is free to be reached by other animals. This is especially important if we decide to install it in the garden of a house for example.

Step 2:

The cage must be very well fixed to the wall so as not to run the risk of it falling to the ground. Make sure it does not move or lean to the sides so the canary will be safe when jumping from one side to the other and will not be in danger of injuring itself.

Step 3:

A very important aspect in the care of the canary is cleaning the cage, this should be frequent but in general, it will depend on how dirty your bird gets, at least once a week you should take care of this task. Always place newspaper or absorbent kitchen paper on the floor of the cage in this way the excrement and dirt will remain there and will be much easier to remove when cleaning.

Step 4:

The accessories that are inside the cage must also be clean otherwise the animal could get sick, change the water every day so that it is clean and fresh. Take into account that canaries are quite delicate so it is important to dedicate all the care they require

Step 5:

When night falls, cover the canary’s cage with a blanket in this way you will protect them from the cold and from any insects that may disturb their tranquility

Step 6:

The canary normally feeds on canary seed although you can also administer fruits such as apples. The daily portion of food is around a tablespoon, however many owners usually fill the container with food and repeat the process after a few days when it is finished.

Step 7:

Take into account that the plumage of these birds is also delicate so you could consult the vet about some type of vitamins that you can administer to the animal so that it is healthier

Step 8:

It is convenient that these types of animals are accompanied, you decide whether to have a male-female partner, two males, etc, but try to make it at least two in this way they will not feel alone

Step 9:

Many people do not usually take these animals to medical consultation. However, it does not hurt to do it at least once a year to make sure that everything is fine, finally if you have decided on this pet remember that it needs the minimum care.

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