Selena season 3 release date

Selena season 3 release date and distributions

The Netflix series that tells the life of the famous and late Tex-Mex singer, Selena Quintanilla, has reached its second season on the streaming platform. And due to the success, it has had, fans are already wondering if there will be Selena season 3 release date. Well, in this post, we come to answer this question and more. Do you want to know the answer? Keep reading!

When is the Selena season 3 release date?

Selena season 3 release date

Although Netflix has not been announced it, it is remarkably clear that Season 2 of Selena was the end of this story. And it is that even after the premiere of the first season, the creator of the series Moisés Zamora commented in an interview that Selena was intended to be a short series. Keep reading:

The first season narrated the beginnings almost in the entirety of Selena’s musical career. Therefore, what remained to be captured was little. For the 2 seasons of Selena, we see more about her personal relationships, especially her marriage to Chris Pérez and her relationship with her assistant and what would be her murderer, Yolanda Saldívar.

And, although the information that Selena’s family gave to the creators of the series was quite extensive, what the showrunners were looking for was to tell the story in 20 chapters with which they could reflect on the life of Selena and leave a hopeful story and not tragic.
In conclusion, and unfortunately (or the fortune of the fans, all depending on how you decide to see it), there will not be a 3 season of Selena.

Where to see Selena season 3?

Selena: La Serie is an original production of the Netflix streaming platform. Therefore, the only digital platform where you can find it in legal transmission.

However, Amazon Prime has another series, also based on the life of Selena Quintanilla, called “Selena’s Secret,” which is currently available on that platform.


The cast of Selena is composed mostly of players from Latin America. Among the cast, you will be able to recognize faces such as that of the main actress Christian Serratos, who had a role in the children’s series “Ned’s School Survival Manual” and Julio Macias, who plays Oscar “Spooky” Díaz in On My Block, also on Netflix.

Actors Characters
Christian serratos Selena quintanilla
Madison Taylor Baez Selena (girl)
Gabriel Chavarría AB Quintanilla
Juan Martinez  AB (child)
Ricardo Chavira Abraham Quintanilla Jr
Brandol ruiz Abraham (young)
Naomi Gonzalez Suzette Quintanilla
Daniela estrada Suzette (girl)
Seidy Lopez Marcella quintanilla placeholder image
Aneasa Yacoub Marcella (young)

Then we leave you the main cast of Selena, the actors that compose it and the characters they play. Would you have liked to see a 3 season of Selena? Let us know in the comments!

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