Sex education will be compulsory in Wales

Wales are taking the lead when it comes to sex education. Parents and guardians will no longer be able to request their children are withdrawn from lessons aimed at educating them on relationships, sexuality and religion.

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The announcement comes in the wake of a high-profile legal case banning parents from protesting outside a school in Birmingham. The row over LGBT lessons saw parents accuse the school of promoting homosexuality.

Kirsty Williams

Kirsty Williams, the Education Minister for Wales, recently announced the move, saying the new proposals would be tested in advance and will become statutory in 2022, along with the new curriculum.

Public reaction

The reaction to the announcement has been mixed, with many parents welcoming the changes, believing their children will benefit from having more open and honest conversations in the classroom. However, others are concerned that some children will feel intimidated and embarrassed and are worried that for some, the discussions will be too much and that it takes away power from the parents.

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Modern times

The hit TV drama Sex Education is also playing its part in educating teenagers about relationships. The popular Netflix series is thought to be very relatable and shows teenagers in situations involving challenging and difficult relationships and the sexual behaviour of their peers.

People living in the capital are able to access home STI kits London. Using home STI kits London is one way young people are being encouraged to look after their sexual health and well-being. The kits include advice and information on how to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases, as well as resources, details about free services, and information on contraception.


Other concerns have been raised relating to children from different backgrounds, different cultures and with different religious beliefs. Some have expressed anger and believe parents should be able to decide when and how their children receive this type of information.

Ms Williams has assured parents that clear guidelines will be issued to all schools, along with resources to assist them with delivering the programme. A working party has been involved in the project with representatives from different faith groups, as well as those from and working within the BAME community.

Tolerance and understanding will be key messages for those delivering the lessons, and the move has had public support from organisations including the Terence Higgins Trust.

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