Songs about Houses

Shelter is a basic need, as this list of songs about home can attest. The house is what keep us safe from the elements, and many musicians have put their feelings about houses, in the form of a song. As a musician often returns from a tour to a house they rarely see, they often pen a song about the experience of coming home. There’s just no place like home whether you live in an apartment, a space station, or a house like the ones in these songs – everyone can relate to the need for a roof over their heads.

“The House of the Rising Sun” was the Animals’ biggest hit, a traditional folk song that they changed with electric guitars, so it is arguably the first folk-rock hit.

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“House of Cards” is a popular title for songs, as both Radiohead and Elton John have written songs that use the phrase. Here are some more:

A New House – Deacon Blue

This was the title track from the album titled A New House. It was inspired by a childhood memory of lead singer Ricky Ross. He remembers driving out when he and his siblings were kids to see a new house being built in the suburbs. He said it looked and felt like the countryside was trying to be reined in but that you can never really control nature. When you’re ready to your new house, be sure to get your Conveyancing Quotes from a site like Conveyancing quotes from Sam Conveyancing

Come-On-A My House – Rosemary Clooney

Rosemary Clooney does not like this song, thinking it lyrics were tacky. She was also not content on being made to sing with a pretend Italian accent. She was threatened with a termination of her newly signed contract with Columbia Records so she agreed to do it. In a few weeks she relented and found herself with one of the best-selling hits in the country. She continued to dislike it, but did acknowledge it is the song that made her a household name. So successful was the accent, that she went on to use it on her 1954 hit “Mambo Italiano.”

Dreaming of Houses – Nina Persson

This song was inspired by a reoccurring dream that Nina Persson has of houses and rooms. They are important reoccurring dreams in her life and believes they represent the archetypical symbols for how we think about the walls we surround ourselves in and the often-trapped feelings we can experience. Nina Persson is highly inspired by dreams and wishes they could actually stay with you longer than the ‘real ‘things do.

House of Love – Robert Plant

This sadness for a failed relationship is all about the parting of Robert Plant from Patty Griffin, an American folk singer. Robert Plant has described how the couple had moved in together in Austin, Texas, after working on an album in 2010. Unfortunately, culturally and spiritually, Plant began to feel a detachment in the relationship and brought the relationship to a close.

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Lego House – Ed Sheeran

We all love Lego! This song appeared on Ed Sheeran’s debut album and the lyrics use the metaphor of Lego to represent a relationship.  Want to know how Ed celebrated on receiving the news that he’d reached number 1 in the charts? He visited the Hamley’s toy store and bought a Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

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