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When you’ve invested time, money and effort in a website for your business, you want people to visit it. You want people to see it when they search for related topics or the name of certain products. The more visitors you have, the more those visits will convert into sales. In light of this desire to be found, here are some songs to inspire you to make sure your SEO is up to scratch:

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2

Don’t let this be your perfect customer or your target market. When someone is looking for a service, a product or some information, the last thing they want is to spend an age hunting for it. People today have less patience and want access to the thing they need in a matter of seconds when online.

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Now That I Found You – Expose

Great, so your potential customer has found you – don’t blow it by having a slow loading site. Visitors to a site will generally only wait for a few seconds and when they encounter a slow and clunky site, will quickly move on to another one that loads a lot faster. You’ve got a small window of opportunity so make sure your website is fast and responsive.

Soon We’ll Be Found – Sia

In business, there is no time to sit around and wait for results to happen. You need to be proactive and grab opportunities when they arise. Find out about how SEO can transform your website into one that sits in a dark dusty corner of Google into one that features on page 1 of search results. For help with SEO Swansea, contact a site like

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Since I Found U – Ginuwine

Once found, you’ll want to stay relevant with your customers and offer them good reasons to return to your site time and time again. Give customers the opportunity to sign up to newsletters and write a blog with industry tips, how to guides and interesting topics to keep up the engagement level so your business stays fresh in their minds.

Never Found The Time – America

Running a business is demanding in many ways and if you’re rushed off your feet, dealing with a website might be long down on your to do list. However, in today’s marketplace, having a website with strong e-commerce capabilities is essential and you really should find the time to invest in it. A website that is optimised, easy to use and that offers something informative and valuable to a customer is a must to remain competitive.

The Lost Get Found – Britt Nicole

Business sites that sit on page 6 of a Google search are never going to be found. The majority of web browsers will only go as far as page 2 or maybe 3. If your business isn’t listed on page 1, it will be overlooked. With the clever use of SEO techniques, you can go from the lost to the found!

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