Songs to listen to when you need a new gate!

Installing a gate in front of your property not only looks good but also guarantees a higher level of security and privacy. Whether you want to stop unwanted access or simply want to work on your home’s curb appeal, if you’re in the mood for looking at a range of gates to upgrade your property, then get inspired by these top tunes dedicated to gates:

Open the Gate – No Doubt

With electric gates, you can be in complete control of who you let in and who you don’t. Open the gate for visitors and deliveries but leave those unwanted guests out in the cold! With a remote opening and closing capability, nobody will be able to gain access to your property without first asking for permission.

Waiting at the Gate – Carly Simon

You won’t need to leave people waiting for long with a fast and easy way to buzz people in when you know they’ve arrived but what it does give you is peace of mind that your property is secure from trespassers or would-be burglars looking for an opportune moment to strike.

Gates of Eden – Bryan Ferry

Whilst your home might not quite be as good as paradise, it most certainly is a paradise of comfort and privacy to you and you’ll want to protect this and keep it this way. Electric Gates from a site like are designed to look stylish and elegant while offering the very best in home security.

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Gates of Tomorrow – Iron Maiden

Perhaps you already own an electric gate but it has seen better days? Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a gate with all the latest tech features to see you into the future. There are plenty of options for things like access control, upgrading existing gates and vastly improving your security.

Outside the Gate – Killing Joke

No need to worry about what’s going on outside the gate as you’ll be safe and secure inside your boundary with automated gates installed. Prevent unwanted intruders, uninvited cold callers and stop motorists using your drive to turn around on! You can forget about what happens on the street as you protect your space. This is especially important for those with small children and pets as there is no need to worry about them running into the road.

Joker at the Gate – Hawkwind

Cold callers and sales visitors can be a real nuisance. Despite stickers or signs stating no cold callers, salespeople often ignore such instructions and knock anyway. A gated property is simply too difficult to access so most door to door canvassers will avoid bothering you.

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Golden Gates – John Mellencamp

Now, you don’t have to have shiny golden gates but there is choice to be had in terms of colour, finish, material and style. Whether you want a classic black metal design or a more rustic wooden style, there are options for having a gate that will suit any property or personal taste.

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