Surprising places to find asbestos

Asbestos is often thought of as something found only in the ceilings of old, abandoned buildings. However, there are some unusual places that have tested positive for asbestos, which causes us to think: what other everyday objects can potentially contain asbestos?

1- Car Parts.

Because asbestos has the ability to retain heat, it is an ingredient often used in automotive parts to stop fires from occurring. Items such as brake pads, brake, clutch lining and transmission plates are a prime example of this, as well as many other high-friction car parts.

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2- Household.

From crockpots to hair dryers and popcorn machines to cooker hoods, a range of home appliances manufactured before 1988 are known to contain low levels of asbestos. Some parts of stoves and ironing board covers also contain small amounts so you can put yourself at risk if you are still using products that are older than the 21st century in your home. If you are looking to buy or sell a property from conveyancing company Sam Conveyancing then dealing with your asbestos issue is key.

3- Protective clothing.

Ironically, a variety of protective clothing contains some amounts of asbestos in their manufacture. Items such as gloves, aprons and trousers that were used commercially in the past were known to contain asbestos but, perhaps more surprisingly, so did face masks, dust masks and respirators! Diseases can be caused by asbestos from

microfibres that are released into the air. You can see why having asbestos in a helmet or mask it is very dangerous.

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4- Makeup.

Asbestos occurred in some cosmetics due to poor safeguarding surrounding one of the main ingredients: talcum powder. Both asbestos and talc naturally occur together. When commercial talc mining takes place, there is a danger of powder becoming mixed with the naturally occurring asbestos.


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