The Benefits of Fleet Tracking for Businesses

With so many overheads, businesses need to effectively monitor costs, and fleet tracking can assist with this.

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Vehicle tracking has long been used through a GPS system and has been proven to reduce costs for businesses considerably. There are many reasons why fleet tracking is popular among businesses, and a few have been listed below.

Fuel Reduction

Fleet tracking helps businesses make their vehicles more efficient by reducing speeding or unauthorised usage, so it naturally cuts the cost of fuel. Speeding wastes fuel, as does idling, so by using a GPS tracking system companies can see where this is taking place and by whom. Usage for non-business purposes could be a thing of the past, as many systems enable you to customize when a vehicle can be used and then report the data back to you.

Reducing Labour Costs

Timesheets don’t need to be completed or the old punch cards, as drivers are reported as working at the start of their shift. It’s also noted when they take breaks, for how long and when their shift has finished. By monitoring a fleet in this way, costs are cut – fewer people are needed to track these admin tasks, and any workers who are perhaps a little work-shy won’t be so for very long. This can also benefit people who are overworked, as it would become clear that regular breaks were not being taken when required.

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Safety Is Key

Navigation enhances the safety of your vehicles and your drivers, as they are kept on the best possible route. Vehicle tracking can also offer ways of communicating with your drivers which are deemed safe, plus maintenance tasks are recorded automatically.

The Telegraph reported that being able to monitor fleets improves the safety and security of the fleet in case of an incident. A full analysis of any incident is recorded and can help to protect the driver and company from any liability – one of many answers to the question, what is vehicle tracking?

Whilst initial costs may seem high, especially if you have several vehicles, these upfront costs could soon be recovered by reducing administration costs as well as ensuring vehicles are maintained correctly and at the right time. That in itself means that vehicles are roadworthy and off the road for a minimum amount of time.

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