The best way to pack for your summer holiday

Packing for a summer holiday doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and if you’re smart you can ensure you have everything you need for fun in the sun and a whole lot more without paying for excess baggage at the airport! Taking the items out of the wardrobes that you had created by a Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire company doesn’t have to be stressful and messy. Just follow our tips for a stress free packing session.

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Don’t Pack Too Light

You’ll get people who will tell you they can fit everything they need into hand luggage for a two-week trip. That may be so, but it’s not very realistic. Rather than packing light, pack smart. Invest in clothes that do not need to be ironed, make-up and skincare products that are multi-functional and a few accessories that can take you from day to night.

Pack in Advance

The pros will all tell you to plan your packing to ensure that you don’t end up throwing things into your suitcase at the last minute or leaving important items behind. Pack a day or two in advance and have a list of everything you need that you stick to!

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Yes, this is easier said than done, but with a little bit of creative thinking you can come up with a capsule wardrobe that’s perfect for all your summer holiday activities. Stick to versatile garments like maxi dresses that can be worn just about everywhere and can even work as a cover-up on the beach, and only pack three pairs of shoes maximum!

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Check Your Itinerary

What you pack will depend on where you are going and what you plan to do. If you are going to be spending all day at the beach and evenings in bars or restaurants, maxi dresses are a winner. If you’re going to be engaging in more strenuous activities, then shorts and T-shirts may be best, and if you’ll be in places with a lot of insects, you may want to pack long, light pants and longer shorts instead.

Make Your Own Rules

Don’t follow a set packing list that someone else has created. By all means learn as much as you can from other seasoned travellers, but don’t skimp on the things you really need just because someone else’s list says so. Make a list of what you consider a priority and then work with that rather than trying to meet the criteria set out by someone else.

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