The strength and beauty in oak buildings.

Oak is a naturally occurring wood, so when you choose your oak framed extensions, such as the ones from Timberpride you are choosing an eco friendly, strong and long lasting material. Strong, durable and robust newly harvested oak will fit most any oak framed extension projects, although some semi-seasoned oak will give a more rustic, country touch without the compromises on the strength and functionality.

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You can also fabricate your own oak framed garage from reclaimed oak timber salvaged from historic buildings in England and France both. If you are having any difficulties sourcing these types of materials, look on the internet where you will find a whole host of companies that will ship to your address providing you with a fully constructed garage extension or even an extension kit that they will install. Whatever you decide, building a new garage is a very worthwhile project and one that can create additional space to store all your cars, workshop equipment and all the odds and ends that clutter up a garage. If you are going to build it yourself, there are many things that need to be considered carefully to ensure the build is a smooth and successful experience.

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Safety is paramount in any project, and when it comes to your building, you want to use solid and heavy oak timber framed extensions which are manufactured to international quality standards. This will ensure that your new extension is built to stringent codes and that it will withstand years of use, ensuring that it looks as great now as it will in a few years time. The oak should have been cut at the correct angle, which will give it the natural curvature, strength and durability that you require.



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