Three Reasons Why You Need A Domain Name

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a permanent address associated with your website. Like an address for a home or a business, it’s hard to change a domain name. It is not the same thing as a site title. A website’s title can be changed, but its domain name cannot be changed.

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Why Should You Buy Domain Names?

There are numerous reasons you should buy domain names for your site. The three key reasons we’ll consider today are memorability, professionalism and control.

They Make Your Site Memorable

Buying domain names that are close to the name of your brand helps you be more memorable to your customers. Having a unique yet memorable name will help maximise the number of hits your site gets, generating business for you. If you host your page on a subdomain of a larger site, this leads to domain names like’sname, which can be long and unmemorable.

In contrast, registering your site with a domain name like ‘’ puts your business at the centre of things, making it easier for customers to find and remember you.

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They Look Professional

Registering your site on its own domain name is a great way of signaling to clients that you’re running a professional business. It’s great to have a social media presence, but you really need your own website so customers know you mean business. You could register a sub-domain on a site like WordPress, but this looks unpolished and possibly temporary.

You Have Control Over Your Site

By registering your domain name, you gain control over your site and thus over your brand. When buying a domain name, it’s advisable to check whether the domain you want has already been registered to another user. If it’s already in use, you will have to start thinking creatively. If the name or any related forms (such as hyphenated variations) have already been registered, it’s a good idea to pick a different domain name for your site. This will help prevent any potential confusion for site visitors.

How Do I Buy A Domain Name?

Buying a domain name might seen like a difficult process. Sites like can make the process straightforward, allowing you to register your domain name quickly without spending a fortune.

Why not buy your domain name today and show the internet you’re open for business?

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