Tips on How to Enjoy a Glass of Guinness

A pint of Guinness is one of the finest drinks that you can ever experience. The best pint of Guinness is to be had in Ireland. The black and bitterish brew travels ok but it is in the country of origin that should enjoy it the most. Pouring the drink is tricky to get right and it takes a while for it to be ready. It’s not something that you chug away at! It’s better from a tap rather than a can (although the technology and research that has gone into producing a “widget” in a can to to recreate a glass is quite mind boggling) with the glass held at 45 degrees. You allow it to settle and you can see the bubbles swirling and settling inside it with it’s legendary creamy head. You get a nice mustache if you drink it wrong.

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Unsurprisingly the location of where you drink it has everything to do with the flavour and the taste. It is said that the best pint of Guinness to be had is directly at the source in Dublin at the St James Gate Brewery. You can take a tour of the story of Guinness and how it is made then at the end you ascend to the Visitor centre Sky Bar, the highest point in Dublin City and enjoy your complimentary pint and can survey the city. Don’t forget to go in March and get some ST Patricks Day Gifts from

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Others have said that a pint on the Shores of Galway Bay or one of the many bars around the Ring of Kerry is better. Maybe you’ll be brave and see if it’s true that a pint on the wild Aran Islands is the best. Wherever you choose it will taste great.


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