Tips on Presenting Achievement Awards and Trophies

Giving awards & trophies means you value someone’s work and motivate their performance. It enables someone’ know you realize their importance and value them for their key role. This is why you are giving them awards. But giving awards is not just enough!! Until and unless you present it in a charming way, it will never look elegant & impressive.

However, if you present the award in a pleasing way, then it will not just make them feel happy but also add a spark in their honor.

If you are running a company and motivate your employees every year, then you will surely know the importance of distributing awards and how it means a lot to your valuable employees. And you may present it by implementing the best practices. However, if you are looking for ways to present an award and trophy supplier in Singapore, then you have reached the right place.

Today, in this blog, we will explain some of the ultimate ways to present an award that you will really enjoy & implement. Let’s get started knowing them one-by-one!

Final Takeaways

6 Outstanding Tips on Presenting Achievement Awards and Trophies

1.  Host an Award Ceremony Annually

Hosting an award ceremony once a year to motivate employees for what they have done for your company will help you add a charm in getting a trophy or award. They will realize that you value their work and thus, give them the award with a party to encourage their dedication & hard work. You can also give them the awards usually without hosting a party but it makes no impression on them about your organization and they can even make their mind to switch their jobs. So, to remind them they are valuable to you and are a precious part of your organization, you must celebrate their success by hosting a party.

2. Give Employees a Standing Ovation

Either you consider it as a trend or an appreciation of being honored each employee, at the time of receiving their awards giving them a standing ovation will boost their happiness. They will be surprised by calling their names as the star person of the company and love to attain the attention and standing ovation of every employee. By highlighting the standouts that really made a difference, you will not just motivate your employee’s dedication and hard work but also make a great impression on the company that it values employees’ work for which they strive & join you!!

3. Have a Staff Meeting

Some accomplishments are those that you must recognize before the end of the year but still justify a company-wide audience. This is why you are advised to gather your employees together for a mid-year or quarterly meeting so that you can know the names & achievements of each employee thoroughly. Doing so will help you know in detail about each valuable employee’s performance and you can also realize the worth of awarding them custom awards, trophies, or kind of incentives.

If a specific employee needs to be rewarded with a bonus or incentive, then you must give them that. However, if they are eligible for a trophy or custom award, then plan accordingly. But make sure you lookout for the designation of each employee thoroughly, then plan incentives or whatever you want to give them as a reward for their appreciation.

4. Choose Personalize Gifts and Wrap Them Gently

If you are giving custom awards or trophies, then it needs no wrapping of gift paper. However, if you have designed some personalized gift items for your employees such as a coffee mug with the company’s logo, a pen with employees’ names, and so on, then it is advisable to wrap them in gift boxes. Some trophies often come in gift boxes, you can wrap them gently. It will make a good impression on the employees of your gift and they can safely carry it along with them. 

5. Present it with Another Gift

No doubt, Trophies are great desk jewelry. But it will remain in the office. This is why it is advisable to pair up the gifts. Along with a trophy, give your valuable employees one more gift such as a small gift item, like personalized drinkware & coffee mugs for daily use. They can take it to their homes, gyms and use it on a daily basis. Seeing small gift items, they will feel proud of their work for your company and feel lucky to be a part of such an organization that values either employee’s work.

6. Give in Front of All Office’s Departments

Last but not least! The other most important tip that you can thoroughly take into account while presenting awards and trophies is distributing it in front of all your office’s departments. Doing so, will motivate the team members of other departments as well and help them attain such fast & hard accomplishments. And the team leaders of other departments will also familiarize themselves with the performance of a specific company’s employees, and they can make a healthier bond for coordinating them in tough projects.

Final Takeaways:

Well, these are the 6 best tips that you must implement while presenting crystal trophies in Singapore based companies or something else. If you move in the footsteps of these tips, then you will surely achieve success and will be able to present awards in the most charming way.

It doesn’t matter if you give a trophy, incentive, or bonus, whatever you give, make sure you present them in a pleasing manner, so the recipient can enjoy its importance.

Rest, if you want more such presentation tips, then you can consult the plaque award making company in Singapore, or else you can ask us in the comment section below. We will appreciate your queries, doubts, and opinions. Suggestions are also most welcome!

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