Try these ways to be more efficient at work

It can be hard to find enough hours to complete all the tasks you have to do in your working day; however, there are things you can do to maximise your efficiency and ensure you make the most of every moment. Before we get into it, most people work better in a clean environment, so be sure to take a look at these robot vacuum cleaners for thick carpets (because we all know how offices are).

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Finish tasks

Try to finish the jobs that you start; otherwise, you will end up feeling anxious about them. You will feel a great endorphin rush when a task is completed, making you happy and relaxed and more able to move on to the next job.

Plan ahead

Whether you are spending your days converting PDF to Excel files or are ensconced in a top-secret design project, planning your week ahead can be really helpful. This will minimise the time spent procrastinating and give you a clear and prioritised pathway through your working week.

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Track time

You may have offered to help with converting PDF to Excel files or taken on an extra weekend shift, but try to track your time whatever you are doing. Take notice of how much time you are spending on individual tasks and how many minutes you spend doing very little except chatting with colleagues or making the tea.

Take breaks

When you are under pressure to get jobs done, it can be tempting to miss breaks; however, taking a little time out can give your productivity levels a boost. There are rules about taking breaks at work.

Think positively

A little positive thinking can go a long way in increasing your productivity. Positive thoughts will spur you on and ensure you don’t waste time worrying about impending deadlines or your workload for the day.

Minimise distractions

Distractions in your workplace can really lower your efficiency levels and your motivation. These distractions come in many different forms, from constantly ringing phones to gossiping colleagues, but all can have an adverse effect on your efficiency.

There are obviously some distractions that you can’t avoid, but there are ways to minimise others. Make sure that your personal mobile phone is switched off, for example, or get some noise-cancelling headphones if your company allows this.

Set short deadlines

Set shorter deadlines and make yourself work against the clock. This will make you work faster and give you a sense of achievement when you complete a task.

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