What is Confidential Waste Disposal

Confidential waste is any waste item that has not been assessed and declared as being suitable for, or used in, a specific commercial application. In the United Kingdom, it is considered a criminal offence to dispose of any such waste anywhere in the country. Any such activity by companies or individuals, and in particular by businesses and individuals in receipt of public funding, can be brought to the attention of the Secretary of State who will carry out the necessary investigations.

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The majority of confidential waste is generated by companies and individuals as they intend to sell, lease, store or consume the waste at a later date. For example, contaminated soil from an agricultural production site may be used for a garden or vegetable patch. Other types of waste could be industrial waste, such as oil, gas, watercress and industrial waste water (e.g. sewage) coming from a manufacturing plant. In the UK, it is not always easy to identify the type of waste and to determine its potential hazards.

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Confidential Waste Disposal can be an arduous task. It is often necessary to hire an expert consultant firm like Printwaste to assist in the identification and disposal of confidential waste. It may also be necessary to restrict the public access to the waste and/or use extreme protective measures to protect it from the inevitable.


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