Where to go on vacation in December

Where to go on vacation in December?

If you are thinking of going on vacation in December, there are many possibilities to realize your project. The places to choose are many and some reserve a lot of fun and relaxation. In this period, the destinations to be taken into consideration are almost always the hot places, such as the Maldives, Polynesia, the Caribbean and Australia.

There are also those who prefer a traditional holiday, visiting European capitals or irresistible destinations, such as Finland and New York. Thus discovering the landscapes and the artistic beauties of the place. Obviously, the attractive presence is an important factor, which affects this type of holiday. In fact, most of the tourist flows are clearly oriented towards natural or historical attractions. In the following guide, I show you where to go on holiday in December.

Where to go on vacation in December?

Where to go on vacation in December


The Maldives is one of the most popular destinations to go on vacation in December. A place with numerous atolls that host numerous tourist villages. But to choose well, just contact a trusted agency that will recommend the atoll and the resort that’s right for you. Each islet is surrounded by a splendid and crystalline sea. In comparison, the landscape and the beaches are reminiscent of postcards. The resorts are organized villages with small houses and bungalows, positioned both on the beach and on the water. Hit-teach restaurants with Italian, Maldivian and Asian cuisine await you at these resorts. Furthermore, they are equipped with a spa, swimming pools and much more. Boat excursions and snorkeling are activities available at all resorts.


Another place to visit in December in Australia. When one thinks of this place, one imagines a sunny and fascinating metropolis like Sidney with its beautiful bay. Or the great wonders of the Cape Tribulation rainforest come to mind. But Australia is also a place to have fun, visit the area and take a cruise on the Daintree River. Also, here you can see the Great Barrier Reef and Aeyers Rock, the monolith that protrudes from the desert and take a cruise on the Daitree River. Of course, the coastal part is to be preferred, where seaside tourism is concentrated.


Copenhagen is a perfect place to go in December. In fact, in this period in the Danish city, the atmosphere of the holidays comes to life with the opening of the Tivoli park, which hosts the Christmas markets and the Fireworks Festival. In December, millions of candles light up homes, bars and restaurants, where friends and family gather. So an excellent trick, to spend a happy and relaxing holiday. The capital is one of the largest cities in northern Europe and is located partly on the east coast of the island of Sjaelland and partly on the nearby islet of Amager.


Between folklore and legend, in the northernmost part of Finland is Lapland. This place becomes magical in December due to the Northern Lights, a phenomenon that lights up the sky with light. Lapland is an immense territory with a wild charm, covered in snow for eight months of the year. To fully experience the atmosphere of this land, there is no better time than the long Finnish winter, which lasts until mid-April. In addition to Ravaniemi, the must-see destinations include Levi, Inari, Saa4iselka, Utsjoki, Yllas and Enontekio. The latter boasts two hundred kilometers of cross-country ski trails.

Before leaving, take out health insurance. If you choose Lapland (especially Inari), the most demanding tourists are offered exclusive locations, such as luxury suites and glass igloos.

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