Working From Home Why do we do it

Working from home has become necessary for many people as countries try to drive down infection rates as the global pandemic moves into another year. It has highlighted the need for different ways of working and for some the flexibility of being at home may continue well into the future. It is important that you have the right set up at home, if you don’t have the right furniture then take a look at a Next Day delivery desks company such as You will also want to ensure that you have all the right computer equipment and software.

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So what are some of the reasons people are preferring working from home?

No commute – one of the big advantages is that there is no daily commute which can become tiresome very quickly. People are finding that they are more energised at the start of their day and that they can spend more time at home in the morning with their families.

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Comfort – not everyone likes working in a big office and some people have found that they are much more comfortable at home being able to grab a coffee whenever they want and say a quick hello to their children when they get home from school.

Productivity – recent studies have shown that people who work from home are actual more efficient as they have less distractions and are often abel to complete their work tasks much quicker and with greater attention to detail.


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