Irish dancing shows

Best places in Ireland to see Irish dancing shows

Ireland has many things to offer: sandy beaches, majestic castle ruins, luxuriant greenery, imposing cliffs, delicious food, fine drinks, and very interesting traditions. Irish people are proud of their heritage and they hold their traditions to high regard. The traditional Irish dance is one cultural aspect that Irish people hold very dear and that non-Irish visitors find absolutely fascinating. So, if you plan to go to Ireland, you must go to see a dancing show in order to have a complete and authentic Irish cultural experience.

Dublin – a hotspot of Irish dance

It could be said that Dublin is the heart of all cultural activities in Ireland. When it comes to Irish dancing, that is undoubtedly true. There are numerous live Irish dancing shows that you can go to in Dublin. You can enjoy professional performances or you can even give dancing a go yourself. Whatever you do, make sure to have a lot of fun!

Irish dancing shows

Pubs are the best places to go see a live performance. You can just reserve a table with your friends, order a meal and your favorite drink and just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere, the music, and the dancing. Or you can actively participate in whatever entertaining activities are there.  There’s no shortage of fun dancing events that you can go to in Dublin.

Irish Dance Party

If you’re up for some live music, choreographed dances by world-renowned dancers, you could go to the Irish Dance Party in Dublin. It’s a 2-hour event that takes place all year round. You can even take some quick dancing lessons while you’re there. All you need to do is book a table, pay the fee and put on your Irish dancing shoes, websites such as  offer you a large range of Irish dance shoes at affordable prices so that you can get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Irish Dancing ‘Hooley Show’

For an authentically Irish experience, you can go to a Hooley Show in Dublin. It has all the elements of a spectacular cultural experience: traditional decor, charismatic hosts,  delicious food, including award-winning seafood dishes, live music, and spectacular dancing performances from Johnnie Fox’s famous Irish dancers. Many visitors describe it as a cultural experience not to be missed.

O’Sullivan’s Bar

If you prefer a more intimate setting, there’s the nice and cozy O’Sullivan’s Bar.  Located not far from the Temple Bar area in Dublin, this is a true gem if you’re looking for a quiet little place with a relaxing atmosphere to get some rest after a long day. For an entertaining Irish dancing experience and some live music, make sure to be there on a Friday or Saturday night from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Traditional Irish music and dance festivals

If you’re in Ireland during the summer, there are a few festivals that you can attend. Festivals like Feile Lughnasa in County Kerry, the International Folk Arts Festival Feile Iorras in County Mayo, the Ragus on the Aran Islands, the Siamsa Seisun in County Galway, the Fleadh Cheoil Festival are all meant to keep traditional Irish music and dance alive and make Irish and non-Irish people alike enjoy the fruits of this rich and vibrant tradition. After all, it is all about bringing people together in a fun and interactive environment and about building strong and enduring cultural bonds.

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