How to style short hair

How to style short hair?

Hair is a fundamental part of the person, a part that must be properly cared for and valued. If we have decided to cut our hair short, we will also have to style our hair more than adequately. In the following step-by-step guide, we will provide you with tips to understand how to style short hair.

How to style short hair?

How to style short hair

Comb your hair back

The first tip for styling short hair is to use gel or hairspray. After washing your hair, let’s pat it dry using a very soft towel and then, after putting a knob of gel on the palm of one hand, let’s shape it to perfection. We can create beautiful tips on our hair, we can comb them back using a brush or a comb, or we can create a small fringe on the forehead. If we prefer to use hairspray, it will be enough to shape the damp hair with your hands and then spray the hairspray evenly on all our hair. Alternatively, we can create a mix with the gel and with the hairspray, after using the gel to model the hair, we can spray a little hairspray on them.

Style your short hair with a headband

Using the gel and the hairspray, our hair will keep the shape we gave it by modeling it with your hands several times. If we want to give our hair a very beautiful and particular effect, we can also use a splendid wax on the hair. If we want to dye our hair, we can buy a valid hair dye on the market, or we can buy non-permanent hair colors, i.e. colors that once put on the hair, will remain on the hair until we completely wash the hair. If we are women, we can also put some small colored hair clips on our short hair, or we can wear a nice colored headband.

Creating waves

Before styling our hair, it will be essential to wash it thoroughly under lukewarm tap water. To wash your hair, the suggestion is to use both a natural shampoo and a natural conditioner, maybe we can make our natural cosmetics at home using fresh and natural ingredients. It is possible to create beautiful waves on short hair, using a special straightener for this purpose for a saucy hairstyle. Finally, if we don’t have time to style our hair and if we love berets, we can wear a gorgeous beret.

How to style growing short hair and wear it in style?

The bobs but comfortable and fresh, have a small but not insignificant defect, and that appears to be unmanageable when the hair is growing, becoming almost impossible to comb. But luckily, all is not lost and if you do not want to cut your hair again, we just need to know how to style your hair.

Certainly, having the right tools to style short hair at home is essential, which is why a comb, as well as a mousse, gel, and hairspray, become essential. In principle, if we have important bangs, despite the cut, we can play with the volume of the hair, using a mousse after washing the head to texture the lengths and play with that bangs, whether you raise it or for example, Comb it on its side.

We apply the product and shape the hair with our fingers, after which we use a hairdryer and diffuser for strategic drying with the head towards the ground. In this way, we can have soft and fluffy hair that we must then fix with a lacquer spray to keep our hairstyle well all day.

And if we want to give the hairstyle an extra touch, a headband, a ribbon or a clip of rhinestones could be the best option. But this is not the only way to style short hair in the growth phase, since we can also style it in another way, this time by ironing it with an iron and creating a very straight hairstyle.

In this case, we use a gel or wax to model the lengths, making sure to apply the products only to the ends while the roots are more voluminous. This simple trick will help us keep our hair tidy right where it grows back, without flattening the rest of our hair.

But if we have an important evening planned, let’s choose a style inspired by men’s hairstyles of the past. Gel or wax will be our best allies, allowing us to comb our hair back, polish and fix it, and have a refined look to wear with a pants look or a very feminine contrast dress.

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