Myths and truth about massage

Myths and truth about massage

When we talk about a healthy way of life, the first thing that comes to mind after the outdoor exercise, sleep and healthy food – is a massage. However, that’s all there and whether it is always useful.

Constitution and history

Depending on the body, the fullness, the presence of serious diseases (hypertension, hernia, diabetes, varicose veins of the feet) and just our desire (active deep relaxation or light soothing relaxation) should be defined and the type of massage.

The long neck and limbs, a large body mass and the desire to “good warm-up” time required to increase the study of muscles and tendons. Conversely, a low rise, slim figure, there are problems with the spine suggest more gentle treatment, such as massages with shaking, warming bags or being sprayed with water.

Types of massageMyths and truth about massage

Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to start massages to relaxing massages types and shallow symmetrical acts in conjunction with the oil burner. During the 5-10 day, stay at rest can increase the intensity of the massage; the lymph drainage technique can be used. In truth, lymphatic drainage is invention marketing. The lymphatic system is provided by lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, in the course of the massage anywhere hard not drained. The physiological sense, implicit in this procedure – it is rather the improvement of blood flow through the veins. Thus, de-energized in problem areas, reduces tension and swelling of the tissues are not always visible to the eye. Therefore, the increased amount of fluid in the body, which is measured in the normal weighing on special scales, it makes sense to use a lymphatic drainage massage and lymph drainage, for example, with the use of electromechanical vibrating heads. In carrying out this type of massage, an important point is a heated table.

Interesting combination of massage therapy, heated stones (stone massage), herbal or stone fruit bags. This type of massage combines the simultaneous effects on different body parts of various physical factors. Suitable for a relaxing technique and is more commonly used in low or, conversely, excessive weight.

The combination of techniques

An important rule is to adapt the massage according to the age. The older a person is, the less elastic it ligaments and joints are less mobile. Therefore, a massage technique that combines the impact on the muscles and ligaments, is very useful. It is best to combine the procedure with yoga classes. For smokers and people suffering from colds, respiratory yoga is good. For those who care about maintaining muscle tone and athletic figure, fit yoga with static loads, in order to strengthen the overall health of your choice on yoga with stretching or Pilates.

Slimming massage figure is another misleading and marketing course. Without additional training (active independent effects on the muscles) chiseled figure you will not get. However, you can use the hardware in ways that at the minimum physical activity will improve fast enough muscle tone and help the skin to acquire a more attractive appearance.

Practical advice

If you have limited time or do not like a long time lying on a massage table, you can use the sectoral massage. Foot massage will allow achieving peace, the hands – increase overall activity, neck massage will calm, and the head and the thoracic spine – activates. Therefore, if you have a tendency to raise blood pressure, it is better to focus on the neck massage and sacro-lumbar sparing thoracic spine.

The first session of any type of massage is better to limit 45 minutes. Only 4-5 procedures can extend the exposure time up to 1.5-2 hours. Perhaps only massaging feet can start with 60 minutes.

And do not forget to fill in the medical questionnaire massage, and ideally – to talk with the doctor to get the most benefit and enjoyment from the wonderful massages.

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