5 Reasons Never to Try Indoor Cycling

Exercise bikes are becoming very popular with people looking to lose weight and increase fitness. You may be one of them. Eventually, your search will make you realize that not all bikes are the same and that some of the differences are pretty significant, despite what it appears to be. If you are interested in using a bike in a gym, you might consider one of the indoor cycling bikes. Are there any disadvantages?

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The Back Pain

During a cycling workout you tend to hunch your back especially when reaching high speeds on the machine, this can be extremely painful and may lead to strains or even worse conditions especially in the lower back. If you feel any back pain try to inform your instructor and they can show you the correct posture to hold during your workout so you can prevent future pain or injury.

Ignoring the Upper Body

Taking a spinning class is perfect if you want to focus on your legs, bum and core but tends to ignore the upper body, unless your instructor incorporates weights in your spinning session or introduces press-ups during the workout so you can get a full body workout instead of just toning the lower body.

Pushing Too Far

A spinning class is a continuous workout, which means no intermittent breaks unlike interval training which offers you short breaks in between exercises. As you are usually moving for 45 minutes straight you are bound to push yourself hard, as many people believe this will make the workout quicker. This is not the case, as overdoing it usually just results in you pushing yourself too hard, and overworking your body, leading to early fatigue and possibly causing you to burnout, and you may not be able to last until the end of the workout. Fortunately, as it is a low impact exercise there will not be too much strain on the muscles, which is why many people find continuous spinning classes fairly doable, courtesy of best newzealand online casino.

Uncomfortable Spinning

Spinning is not exactly the most comfortable of workouts, as many people complain of sore pelvic bones and coccyx, as the seats are not exactly fluffy cushions. You can try to avoid this pain by making sure your bike is adjusted so you are at the correct height and distance to the handlebars. You could also purchase padded bike shorts, but only if you are truly invested in cycling, and you have a low tolerance for pain.

Less Lost Weight

As previously mentioned, cycling indoors can feel even harder than doing it in the great outdoors due to the different way in which our brains and bodies perceive the effort we spend on it. According to a recent study, the drawback to this is that you lose less weight while indoor cycling rather than outdoor cycling. To some people, that might seem like a lot of effort for nothing. However, the difference is not that notable, so if the advantages of spinning outweigh this disadvantage for you, then don’t be disheartened so easily.

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