An office cleaning supply checklist to make life much easier

A clean and organised office is important to visitors and employees as well. It’s time to spring clean! Start by adding to this list of essential equipment so you have everything you need for a sparkling environment.

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Create a list of office supplies and keep it stocked up:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Broom & Dustpan
  • Sponge Mop
  • Plastic Buckets
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Cleaning Supply Cart
  • Waste Bags
  • Dust Towel
  • Cleaning Towels for General Surface Cleaning
  • Brillo Pads
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Wood Polish
  • Bleach
  • Disinfectant and Other Floor Cleaning Solutions
  • Soft-Scrub
  • Stainless Steel Polishing Powder or Polish
  • Mould & Mildew Cleaner
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Air Fresheners

Maintain a schedule for cleaning your office

It is useful to have a schedule of cleaning duties and the responsible person posted if you are cleaning your own office. Many businesses decide that it’s preferable to hire professional cleaners to take care of the growing list of chores. To find out more about Office Cleaning Gloucester, visit a site like

Attention in Public Areas

Here are some of the most common areas that people see that will require regular upkeep:

  • Check for debris or rubbish daily and sweep the area around your business
  • Use a magazine rack or stack magazines to keep the area clutter-free
  • Dust tables
  • Remove all recycling
  • Cleaning windows is important
  • Make sure the floors are vacuumed and swept or mopped
  • Keep your plants alive in the reception area. Dead plants give off an unprofessional and unkempt vibe. Remove any dead leaves and ensure plants are watered regularly.

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How to simplify your office toilets cleaning routine:

The toilet is another place where cleanliness should be a priority. You should clean your restroom facilities every day.

  • Clean sinks, mirrors and other surfaces.
  • Clean toilets, toilet bowls and other toilet surfaces.
  • Clean the floor by sweeping and mopping it.
  • Take out all the garbage.
  • Fill up on toilet paper, hand soap and other items.

Kill germs in break rooms & office kitchen areas:

Break rooms and kitchens are places where workers go to relax, eat lunch and, yes, spread germs. These areas are awash with germs. You should do the following every day:

  • Put away and wash dishes.
  • Throw away old food products.
  • Counter tops should be kept clean.
  • Remove expired food and beverages from the fridge.


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