Discover the Michael Kors Serial Number Lookup

Discover the Michael Kors Serial Number Lookup

Do you own a Michael Kors bag and have you ever noticed the alphanumeric code inside it? Well, that code is a serial number that reveals various details about your Michael Kors product. If you’re curious to know more about these serial numbers and how you can use them to authenticate and identify your items, then keep reading. In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about Michael Kors serial number lookups, including where to locate them and how to perform MK serial number lookups.

What is a Michael Kors Serial Number?

A Michael Kors serial number is a special ID code made up of a combination of numbers and letters assigned to every Michael Kors product during the manufacturing process.

Serial numbers help MK track products internally and verify authenticity. Think of it as your bag or accessory’s fingerprint—an individual mark that sets it apart from every other Michael Kors item out there.

Unlike style numbers, which indicate the name and type of product (like the Jet Set Travel Large Chain Shoulder Tote), serial numbers are totally unique to each specific Michael Kors piece.

So whether you have the quintessential Saffiano tote or a trendy pair of MK sneakers, your items have their own corresponding serial number that tells their story.

What is a Michael Kors Serial Number?

Why Do Michael Kors Bags Have Serial Numbers?

Michael Kors serial numbers serve a few key purposes:

Authenticating Products

The main reason behind Michael Kors serial numbers is to protect against counterfeits and authenticate MK products.

Authorized retailers can use serial numbers to instantly validate authenticity for customers. Likewise, Michael Kors and third parties offer serial number lookup services to discern real from fake.

So if you ever doubt the legitimacy of a MK find, the serial number holds the answer.

Tracking Inventory

On the company end, Michael Kors relies on serial numbers to track products internally. Serial numbers give deep insight into inventory—from where and when items get manufactured to where they ultimately get shipped and sold.

So if for some reason Michael Kors needs to locate batches of product, pull stock, or analyze supply chains, serials provide the data to do so.

Identifying Product Details

Finally, Michael Kors serial numbers reveal granular details about individual items, like:

  • Exact product name and style number
  • Color, hardware, and size options
  • Production date
  • Manufacturing origin
  • Distribution destination

Serial numbers unlock a full profile for every unique Michael Kors piece—far beyond what style numbers indicate alone.

How to Find The Michael Kors Serial Number

Unlike flashy logos plastered all over the outside, Michael Kors serial numbers are tucked away inside bags, under watch bands, and at other secret spots. Here are the various places you can track down serials for MK products:

Michael Kors Bags

For handbags, totes, backpacks and more, you’ll typically discover the Michael Kors serial number printed or stamped in two locations:

  1. Inside the interior lining, usually on a small leather or fabric tag along the side or bottom seam of the bag
  2. Directly stamped into the lining, no tag required

Sometimes serials get stamped in really obvious places, like along inside edges or under interior pockets. Other times, they subtly blend into bag linings—so you really have to hunt.

If you’re checking authenticity or using a serial number lookup before buying a pre-owned MK bag online, ask the seller for close-up photos that clearly show the full serial number.

Michael Kors Wallets

For long wallets with bill compartments, you’ll find the serial number stamped or printed on an interior tag, similarly to MK bags. Smaller card-holder styles may have it stamped subtly into the leather exterior.

Michael Kors Jewelry

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and other Michael Michael Kors jewelry pieces include tiny tags hanging off the chain or band. Flip these vertical and peek at the back to spot a two-line serial number.

Michael Kors Shoes + Accessories

With footwear like sneakers, sandals and boots, serials often print on tags near the size marking or along the inside sole. Belts, hats and other small leather goods typically have them stamped directly into the material or pressed onto an interior leather tag.

Michael Kors Watches

Lastly, turn Michael Kors watches over to peek at the circular caseback. Engraved into the metal, you’ll spot an 8-digit number beginning with “MK”—that’s the serial. Letter prefixes like “A” or “VR” indicate watch case materials like stainless steel versus rose gold.

Now that you know the secret hiding places to uncover those sneaky serials, let’s explore how to decipher and use them.

How to Decode Michael Kors Serial Numbers

At first glance, a jumbled mashup of letters and numbers doesn’t mean much. But Michael Kors serials actually follow a logical format with identifiers that reveal product details.

While exact serial code systems vary slightly by product category and year, here’s how to crack most MK serials:

Country Code – Factory Code – Product Code – Batch Number – Serial Number

So for example:


Let’s break down what each component indicates:

  • CN: The country where this item got manufactured, in this case China
  • 0115: Unique code tracing to the exact MK factory
  • 1700: Four-digit style code identifying the Jet Set Travel Large Tote
  • 002: Batch number, meaning this tote was the second large group produced in this style
  • 42563: Finally, the serial number, making this the 42,563rd Jet Set Travel Large Tote from this factory batch

As you can see, virtually every sequence reveals insightful production details—from location to design to ordering.

Sometimes serial formats get abbreviated by leaving letters off the beginning or end—so don’t panic if your code looks slightly truncated. The middle sequence containing the critical product style details usually remains intact.

So while serial numbers may seem like random combinations at first pass, they’re actually cryptic codes filled with production secrets!

How to Use Michael Kors Serial Number Lookup Tools

Once you’ve located and decoded your Michael Kors serial number, it’s time to tap into its power!

Use MK serial number lookups to:

  • Instantly authenticate items
  • Reveal product names, colors and sizes
  • Check manufacturing details
  • Verify reported production dates
  • Confirm ideal style numbers to replace lost tags
  • And much more…

Simply enter or input your full serial code at one of these handy Michael Kors lookup resources:

Official Michael Kors Serial Number Lookup

Straight from the source, includes an official serial number lookup tool.

To use it:

  1. Select your Michael Kors product category
  2. Carefully input the serial number
  3. Click “Submit”
  4. The lookup tool then displays key product specs, like:
    • Name/style number
    • Color
    • Production date
    • Country of origin
    • Size (for bags, belts, etc.)

Michael Kors directly updates its lookup database as new items release each season. So for most recently produced bags and accessories, it provides the fastest way to ID using serials.


Entrupy offers an advanced serial number verification tool for Michael Kors and other luxury brands.

Unlike Michael Kors’ tool though, Entrupy requires paid memberships starting at $99 per month for unlimited searches.

After registering, simply enter MK serial numbers to pull production stats and confirming authenticity certificates. So along with insights, you also get validation from Entrupy’s anti-counterfeit technology.

Authentication Services

Third-party professional authentication services like Real Authentication, Zeko Authentication, My Poupette and others also leverage Michael Kors serial lookups when evaluating items.

You ship products to them, specialists examine serial numbers in detail among other aspects, and they return a full authenticity report. Expect to pay $10-$20 for standard authentication reports.

So while pricier than free online databases, using professional authentication services gives you an expert second opinion to conclusively spot fakes.

Get Answers from Your Michael Kors Serial Number

Get Answers from Your Michael Kors Serial Number

A tiny, hidden serial number stamp may seem insignificant—but in fact, it unlocks a wealth of insights about your specific Michael Kors item.

Simply locate the serial, input it into MK lookup tools, and discover:

Product Origins

Pinpoint exactly where and when your bag or other MK product got made, down to the factory location and year. Serial numbers add intriguing backstories to your items!

Build Quality Factors

Production batch sizes, factory codes and other markers provide clues into the craftsmanship and attention to detail behind different Michael Kors collections.

Authenticity Confirmation

Lookup services definitively identify counterfeit items, giving you total peace of mind about scoring genuine MK pieces from secondhand sites or gifts.

Style Identities

Forgot exact product names and style numbers? Serial lookups instantly re-identify that bag your mom gifted you, those comfy sneakers with worn-off logos, thrift store finds and more.

So whether buying pre-owned online or reorganizing your closet, Michael Kors serial number lookups help you rediscover forgotten gems and get the facts on your fabulous finds!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Michael Kors serial numbers located?

Locations vary, but typically inside bags/pockets, on tags inside purses and wallets, engraved on jewelry pieces, printed under watch bands, or stamped on shoes.

What do the letters and numbers in Michael Kors serial numbers mean?

They ID the manufacturing country and factory, product style name/category, production batch, sequence in that batch, and more. So serials trace an item’s whole production history!

Can you authenticate Michael Kors with the serial number?

Yes! Michael Kors, Entrupy and paid authentication services use serial number lookups to validate authenticity and easily identify fakes.

How do you find the style number from the serial number?

The 4-digit product style code contained in most MK serials matches up directly with normal item style numbers. Serial lookups then display full style info.

Where do I enter my Michael Kors serial number to check it?

Input serials directly at, or share with Entrupy, paid authentication sites and reseller customer service teams to get product details.

Last Words

Michael Kors serial lookup tools unlock insider information about your exact bags, watches, jewelry and more. So whether trying to spot fakes or gather up production details, serial numbers provide the definitive proof.

When distinguishing between Coach Outlet and Coach, it’s crucial to employ a similar discerning approach as when uncovering the authenticity of a Michael Kors item—next time you score a stylish find, flip, peel, and hunt for that reveal-all serial code; just as lookups provide the real brand history, evaluating the nuances between Coach Outlet and Coach unveils their main differences.

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