Four Ways To Listen To Free Music Online

Music has become part of our daily lives, and some people can’t even pass through the day without listening to music. We lose a form of expression and connection when we don’t listen to music. It is one of the most profound ways to connect with our loved ones and express our fickle emotions. Music helps define who we are. 

Music can make you feel better when you’re having a bad day. However, not all music can do that to you as there are several genres of music, so you’ll have your taste. You will need the right mixture to help you pass through life and set the soundtrack. In this article curated by top casinos online, we will be showing you a few ways to listen to music for free online.



Spotify is arguably the most popular paid streaming service in the world, but it also has its impressive free perks. It is the only one of the major streaming providers to have this feature.

Surely, the free tier will only have limited features. While you cannot play an individual track, you can still listen to albums and playlists on the shuffle feature. The free version also has a lower bitrate and a limited number of track skips. With Spotify being a paid streaming service, you should know that the free version will be ad-supported. Its paid version is being used by many across the globe including David Villa.


YouTube Music

You should know that 14 out of 15 of the most-viewed videos on YouTube are music videos. That one is a kids’ cartoon.

YouTube has a dedicated platform for music, and anyone can access this platform and listen to free music without having to sign-up for a Google account. The videos are organized into smart playlists, and they are based on genres and locations. As you listen, the platform will adapt and reflect your tastes, just the games at best real money casinos.



SoundCloud is one of the best platforms for listening to free music. Having made its debut in 2007 when social media was slowly kicking off. Ever since it has been deep-rooted in the music landscape.

Although the platform has had difficulties over the years as it nearly ran out of business some time ago. Yet, it still managed to become one of the best ways to listen to upcoming artists and other free music. You’ll have access to demo tapes from famous musicians, and mixtapes from DJs across the globe.



Just like Spotify, Deezer also offers free and paid tiers to its users. Free users will have access to almost 53 million licensed tracks and 30,000 radio channels. You will also be able to create playlists, listen to live radio and use Deezer’s music discovery tools. 

It also has its limitations, as you can’t listen to unlimited free music on your smartphone. You can only listen to mixes made by Deezer and there is no offline listening mode, and you will have to listen to ads just like Spotify.

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