how to dry clothes quickly in winter

How to dry clothes quickly in winter

The worst thing about winter is without a doubt the lack of heat. It is not only that walking under the hot summer sun is much more pleasant, but the rain and cold, in addition to lowering our defenses, are very annoying in our day to day life.

If you are interested in knowing how to dry your clothes in winter when the sun is not hot outside and hanging is useless, because it rains every two by three, keep reading this article because we will explain how to dry clothes quickly in winter step by step.

How to dry clothes quickly in winter?

Steps to follow:


A system for drying clothes in winter, without having to hang them, is by rolling up the garment you want to dry in a dry shower towel.

To do this, the first thing you have to do is drain the wet garment well, so that it does not leak. When you have removed the excess water, you should put it on one end of the towel and roll it tightly so that the towel absorbs all the water. Rub for a while for the best result and then unroll the towel to retrieve your garment.

If you want to remove any possible moisture that may remain on your clothing, use a hairdryer. Although if you are not in a hurry it is best to leave the garment hanging near a stove or radiator.

how to dry clothes quickly in winter

Another easier option is to hang your clothes indoors. It will take a day or two, but you make sure it doesn’t rain on you and mess up your laundry. Of course, any site is not good to tend to. Avoid leaving your clothes drying in places where you smoke or cook so that the smell does not mix. Ideally, keep it in a place that you ventilate often (such as a laundry room or living room) and let the clothes follow their natural drying process, always better if it is near a stove.

When you choose to hang your clothes indoors, remember to use a dehumidifier: for you and for her. Breathing humid air, especially if it is cold, is not convenient for the lungs and the laundry will dry faster the drier the environment. Therefore, you should not store your clothes in the bathroom either.


Something that you have to keep in mind when drying your clothes indoors in winter is that a good wringing will save you time. To make sure your clothes drain well, hang them on hangers in the shower or somewhere elevated with a bucket underneath to release the water before hanging.


To prevent it from coming out so wet from the washing machine and to avoid having to wait an hour for your clothes to dry, what you have to do is wash them using short cycles with a very fast spin.

The short wash, in addition to saving energy and water, has a faster spin than the normal cycle. This means that the washing machine drains your clothes spinning quickly and releases a lot of water. This way, when you take the laundry out to hang, you already have half the work done.

how to dry clothes quickly in winter

To dry small items, without having to wait forever, you can use these two tricks to dry your clothes:

Just take the small items one at a time and blow dry them for a while. You will see that they quickly go from being humid to being warm, ideal for use.

Although it is a very fast method, we recommend that you do not use a very hot temperature to avoid damaging the clothes. Control the heat of the air in your dryer, using an intermediate level, neither cold nor very hot, to dry your clothes in a more organic way.

Use a lettuce wringer to dry your smaller items, such as socks and lingerie. It’s something that probably hasn’t crossed your mind, but it makes all the sense in the world.

The truth is that when you turn the handle of the wringer, your clothes spit out the water and are practically dry.


Another trick to dry clothes quickly in winter is to take into account the material of which they are made.

For example, jeans-type jeans can be ironed dry because the fabric is strong enough to withstand the heat of the steam from the iron. Of course, we recommend that you do it in an emergency situation, because in the long run, using this practice, they lose elasticity.

Wool is another fabric that you have to take into account when you start doing washing machines. It shrinks very easily and cannot be tumble dried because it spoils (and it also shrinks). The only way to guarantee perfect drying is to dry it horizontally on a table or flat surface and wait.


You can increase the speed of drying by putting clothes near a radiator, but never on top. Fans help speed up the drying process inside the home. Do not dry your clothes in humid areas, or with odors. If you must, use at least a dehumidifier.

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