How to measure inseam

How to measure inseam correctly yourself

The clothes make the man and the crotch makes the pants. You want to be comfortable in your clothes, and a good way to be is by making sure the pants fit well. After waist size, the inseam length is the most important measurement in determining pants size. How to measure inseam? When you buy the pants, they will probably be your waist and crotch measurement. For example, 27-33, which means you have a waist of 27 inches (68 centimeters) and an inseam of 33 inches (83 centimeters).

How to measure inseam?

Method 1

  • Put on the pair of shoes that you always wear with pants.
  • Stand relaxed with your common posture. Keep your feet flat and your legs slightly apart.
  • Ask an assistant to hold the end of the tape at the base of your crotch. This part is where your legs meet at the top.
  • Ask your assistant to pull the tape straight down to the floor, keeping the tape close to the inside of one leg. For example, the right, while keeping the other end of the tape at the base of your crotch.
  • Ask your assistant to read the number on the tape as soon as it touches the top of the shoe you are wearing. For example, it will read: “33 1/4 inches” (84 centimeters). If you prefer long pants, ask your assistant to read the number at the same level you want your pants to be.
  • Write your crotch measurement to the nearest half-inch (1.27 centimeters). For example, the closest thing to a half-inch of 33 1/4 inches (84 centimeters) is 33 1/2 inches (85 centimeters). Write: “33 1/2 inches” (85 centimeters).

Method 2

  • Select a pair of pants that fit you well.
  • Compress zippers and buttons on your pants.
  • Lay flat pants on a table with one leg extended and flat.
  • Hold a tape measure at the crotch of your pants. The crotch of your pants is the point where the two legs meet.
  • Spread the tape across the flat leg until it reaches the bottom of the pant leg.
  • Read the number on the measuring tape at the bottom of the pant leg. For example, you will read: “33 1/8 inches” (84 centimeters).
  • Write your crotch measurement to the nearest half-inch (1.27 centimeters). For example, the closest to a half-inch of 33 1/8 inches (84 centimeters) is 33 inches (83 centimeters). Write: “33 inches” (83 centimeters).

Narrow trouser legs

The width of the pants’ legs at their hem varies as fashion trends change and the style of blouse you wear to match the pants. Sometimes a wide leg is necessary to balance a blouse with thick horizontal lines, but pants may overpower a fitted shirt with very wide legs and a full blouse may require narrower leg pants to keep the entire outfit from showing off. Too square. If your pants fit well at the waist and hips, you can easily tailor them to be narrower across the legs, from hem to knee, to fit the style you want to wear.

Mark your knee section at the side seam with a pin. Take off your pants. Rest the pants on a flat surface. Attach a pole to the pants with the inside edge on the side seam pin and the other end on the hem. Turn the pole’s shaft until the pants are the width you want, draw a line along the edge of the pole to mark it.

Draw a line from knee to hem on the inside seam in the same way. Pull out the hems on both legs of the pants. Machine sew a seam along the lines you drew. Adjust the fabric 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) outside the seam. Finish the seam allowance edges with a 1/4-inch (0.64 cm) wide zigzag stitch. Replace the hems and flip the pants on the right.


Don’t make your pants too narrow so that you can’t even get your feet up to your leg. This method will not work for flat-fold seam jeans. These types of seams have stitches that can be seen on both sides of the fabric.

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