Six Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘The Old Guard’ 

Looking for the subsequent Netflix film to watch? The Old Guard may just be the film you’re searching out! Based on the graphics novels by Greg Rucka and illustrator Leandro Fernández, The Old Guard is an instantaneous blockbuster on target to reach seventy-four million households, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Directed with the aid of Gina Prince-Bythewood (Love and Basketball), the story follows 4 immortal warriors, Andy, Booker, Nicky, and Joe, who’ve secretly guarded humanity for years and are now being hunted down for their powers simply as they find out a new immortal, Nile.

Now, this might appear like your regular action movie, however, looking at it myself took me by surprise. Possibly it will be equal for you, so right here are a few motives why you need to watch The Old Guard, courtesy of Au online casino.


There Are Queer Immortal Warriors

The most effective expectation or forethought I had before watching this film was that it’s all about immortal warriors, however, when are they ever queer?! Nicky and Joe are lovers who fought one another inside the Crusades earlier and then later realise they were the love of each other’s lives (enemies-to-lover trope absolutely everyone?). Andy, herself is bisexual and the film has hinted at something greater between her and another female warrior much like them in the books, Andy was having fun with another lady.


The Fight Scenes Are Beautifully Done

The fight scenes inside the Old Guard will time and again leave you in awe. Everything is fantastically choreographed and shaped, and a few will also seem like a dance.


Immortality and Humanity Are Important Themes

As predicted, immortality and humanity are constant themes within the film. For thousands of years, Andy and the others have been combating, defensive, and seeking to save humanity. However now, Andy herself is starting to doubt if what they’re doing is surely bringing something properly to the World. Nile’s addition to the group additionally brings a hint of humanity, not just to the characters but additionally to the story itself.


There Are Lots of Heart-Stopping and Heart-Wrenching Moments

There are lots of action and notable “WTF” moments throughout the movie. Your jaw will possibly drop 15 mins into it. That stated, there are also a couple of emotional and mellow moments to also touch your coronary heart. Grief, guilt, and remorse circle round some of the characters and the longer you get into the movie, the extra you’ll additionally feel for them.


They Have A Fun Soundtrack

Soundtracks and Background music have the energy to make a movie atmospheric and highly exhilarating. The Old Guard’s soundtrack does precisely that! Now a few would possibly say a few choices had been tacky, but they might still be fun. From the beginning, the First title sequence to the fight scenes, to the emotional conversations, to the give-up credit, the soundtrack will have you ever invested in every part, courtesy of online casino real money.


For The Found Family Trope

If you’re like me who’s a complete sucker for the found own family trope, you surely want to watch this movie. Andy, Nicky, Joe, and Booker are not just army or a band of warriors. Certainly, they’re family, and they’d go to any lengths for one another. The Nile learns this when she joins the group and finds out that they would do anything it takes to keep each other safe.

Generally, The Old Guard is an interesting new, and dare I say it, superhero movie you dare not overlook! Watch it on Netflix today!

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