The tools that every knitter needs

Knitting is a popular hobby for people of all ages, and there is something satisfying about being able to produce knitted items from scratch. Whether you are new to knitting or a seasoned stitcher, here is some top knitting kit you should have in your collection.

Knitting Needles

The size of your knitting needles determines the size of each stitch, so having a variety will enable you to create woollen items that are either tightly or loosely knitted depending on your preference.

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Yarn, or wool, is the material from which you create your knitted items. Whether you are creating a blanket, scarf, cushion cover or soft toy, yarn gives you a range of colours and textures to work with. You can get more inspiration on what to make with your yarn from a website such as


These are useful tools for cutting away the long tails of leftover wool from your creations, or for when you add a new colour of wool to the design.

Stitch Markers and Holders

Stitch markers are useful for marking a place in your creation, especially when following a tricky knitting pattern. These visual markers can tell you at a quick glance where you might need a repeating stitch to keep the pattern in order.

Stitch holders are great for when you only need to knit half a row, such as when working on three-dimensional garments like gloves. This handy bit of knitting kit preserves the unfinished stitches so that you can return to them when required.

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Getting Started with Knitting

Knitting is a fun hobby that is also good for your mental health, as explained by

This popular pastime is here to stay, so grab your wool and knitting needles and give it a try!

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