What are your retirement living options

Retirement can be an incredibly exciting time where you get to spend more time with your family and friends and enjoy hobbies that you didn’t have time for when you were at work. After years and years of working in your chosen career it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy time for yourself.

Planning for retirement is a good idea so you can make sure that you have enough income from pensions and savings to be able to enjoy your new found freedoms. There is plenty of advice that you get from banks and independent financial advisors if you are looking for advice on either pensions or ways in which you can save for your retirement.

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Another area of your life you might want to plan for is where you think you might want to live after your retirement. For some, a way to release some income to spend on holidays and hobbies is by selling the family home and downsizing. There are a number of retirement living options that you can look at.

Park Homes – these are single storey dwellings are located on purpose built parks that are usually dedicated to the over 50s. There are some great examples of Gloucestershire Park Homes that can be found in the area. These homes can be purchased second hand or as new properties where you can choose the layout that will suit you. One other benefit of these homes is that they come with a ready made community of people at a similar stage in their lives.

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Bungalows – like the park homes mentioned above these are single storey homes that are built for those who are looking to move into homes that will allow them to remain as independent as they can, into their older age. There are lots of different layouts that can be found but these properties tend to be older in age and might need more uptake than some of the other options given here.

Sheltered Accommodation – this is often chosen once one of the individuals needs to have some extra care. They tend to be apartment style set ups with kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms of their own, along with a living room. There is usually a warden or home manager that will be around should anything happen and the individuals need support.

Retirement Villages – these again tend to be apartment style homes and are often located in larger retirement locations. As well as the independent living options there will also be cared for apartments in a central building and then retirement care rooms for those who need permanent care. They also usually have a specialist dementia wing. The idea behind these villages is that the individuals can start in one home and then move through the other options should they need it later on in life.

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