Why office layout is so important

Office design seems like a simple concept, but when you start thinking about everything that is needed and what occurs there day in, day out, it starts to get a little more complex. Perhaps you’re establishing an office at home, organizing your station at work or finalising the layout for an entire office, to understand how a layout can impact employees can help you to perfect it.


Employee productivity

Does a current office layout allow you to do your job well? If you are constantly looking for things that you need or you do not have enough space to do your job, your efficiency and productivity will suffer. Consider the main purpose of the office space and the specific work that is carried out for that job, it is easier to figure out the type of workspace you need.

For most office work, employees need a dedicated work area with enough space for computers, documents and other tools that they use regularly. Having easily accessible storage space for supplies close to the desk can increase productivity. Having a desk in close proximity to shared resources can also increase efficiency. For example, the position of an administrative assistant’s table within reach of a photocopier is much more convenient.

Teamwork and Collaboration

If your job depends on teamwork or collaboration among several employees, you need a space that fosters that interaction. This could mean a conference room with a large table or a room with several computers along the wall to collaborate on a project.  Open-plan offices have a lot of space that is flexible and allows collaboration as a team, but this often comes at the cost of privacy. An ideal solution is to have a few different common areas as well as access to private space, providing staff with the best of both worlds.

Safety and Convenience

The features of an office can affect the safety and comfort of its employees. Offices should be positioned away from danger, such as industrial work areas or chemical storage, for example, to reduce and prevent injuries and accidents. Even in an office only space, it’s prudent to locate workstations with ample space between them, so that people can move around without running into things or experiencing trip risks with cables getting in the way, for example.

Ergonomic office equipment and layouts keep employees feel more comfortable and reduce tension. Consider investing in the top-quality Eames Office Chair from retailers like Pash Classics where you can find the Eames Office Chair replica.

A design that makes the most from available natural light as well as additional lights make it far more comfortable for staff to work efficiently with minor strain to eyes. Incorporating a lounge area or break room can also increase comfort.

Employee morale and Inspiration

The principles of office layout often focus on function, but the look and feel of a space can also have an impact on the employees. A well-lit space that is visually pleasing makes coming to work every morning more interesting. Positive vibes around the office can help staff to be more creative and a physical surrounding that makes employees feel good, boosts morale overall, which is always positive.


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