Great Places to Enjoy the Winter – UK Walks that will Blow the Cobwebs Away

Winter is the time of year to enjoy all of the natural beauty that surrounds us and look forward to the coming new year. In the winter months, it is good to keep low moods at bay by getting out and exploring the beautiful countryside that we are lucky to have all over the UK.

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Here are a few great places to enjoy a walk…

Hadrian’s Wall Walk – Follow the path of this famous wall built by the Romans to keep the Scottish out of England. You can walk the whole route over a few days, taking in the beautiful scenery of Northumberland and Cumbria, or choose a part of the route to walk.

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Holkham Beach – This beautiful beach in Norfolk is truly something to behold in the Winter. The flocks of seabirds make use of this nature reserve as they fly through the stormy winter skies. This is a fantastic walk that will blow away the cobwebs and leave you refreshed.

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Dartmoor – This place of mysterious moors and rolling hills is arguably at it’s best in the winter. For fans of spooky stories, there are plenty that surround Dartmoor, and it is easy to see why – the area has an otherworldly feel to it and is often shrouded in mist

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