The Joy of Camping.

Many people in the British Isles love the feel of sleeping under canvas. This is the art of camping and whilst it might not be for everyone, and is certainly practiced more in the Spring and Summer time, there is a strong hardcore belief amongst it’s many practioners that nothing beats it. Why is this the case?

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One thing is very certain, camping kit technology has come a long way from the complicated tents and wobbly Calor gas stoves from the 1970’s. To see what we mean just take a look at this Camping Shop Dublin way and see what’s available.

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For many it is the cheapness but to make camping about price is a little bit mean and narrow minded. The camper loves the sense of freedom and the chance to commune with nature. For them the sound of the birds and the strong warm sunlight streaming into the tent in the morning beat waking up in a hotel room any day. Being able to sit out watching the sun slowly set then the stars come out is far and away the greatest reward for the camping couple or family. Perhaps there will be a few tiki torches on the go or a good fire (if it’s allowed! Always check!) makes for a very relaxing evening before you snuggle up in the sleeping bag and let sleep come. All that fresh air is also a plus.

So don’t dismiss the idea outright, have a look at some camping holidays for a change. It’s really quite the experience.

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