What events suit a marquee?

The use of marquees for special occasions is a great idea. The design and layout are perfect for entertaining, as they were specifically designed for gatherings. You can add any personalisation, branding or themeing that you want. The types of events that you can organise are virtually limitless.

Wedding Receptions

Marquees are a great place for a celebration or reception. A wedding marquee is a great option for accommodating any number of guests. There’s no reason to worry about your guests feeling cramped on the dance floor. For more information on Marquee Hire Near Me, visit https://goodintents.co.uk/marquee-hire-near-me/

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Corporate Events

A marquee will help you set your limits if you’re looking to celebrate an important milestone in your company with your employees. Each guest will have an amazing time. You are not restricted by curfews or bar closing hours like you would be in a hotel. You can party until dawn if you wish.

You can set up an area where children can play while parents chat.


A marquee is a great place to celebrate birthdays with friends and family. You can customise the space to meet your needs. You can control the layout, design and other party activities.

You can use marquees at any time during the year. No matter if your birthday is in the middle of summer or at the end of winter, you can still host a party. As long as there is a power supply nearby, you can host a party.

Sporting Events

For a long time, marquees were used for athletic events. Tennis, basketball and other indoor sports would be perfect in this spacious setting. The panels are simple to install and remove before and after an event. These are popular for providing shade during summer sporting events.

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Music Festivals

Many people consider watching their favourite musician perform during the summer to be a highlight. Music events always have marquees. These can be used as food booths, resting areas, or backstage areas for performers. The marquee can protect the audience against rain, mosquitoes or other outdoor elements. Often, the first-aid team is also housed in marquees.

By its very nature, a marquee venue is adaptable. In recent years they have evolved and now come in a wide variety of styles. You can create the event of your dreams. You can choose from a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. They can be customised to fit any theme or design.

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