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How to wear oversized clothes? Combine sweatshirt perfectly

The oversize heads now depopulated in all the closets, to be men or women, boys or adults, there is the head Oversized best suited to you. Some experiment with comfortable sweaters, perhaps vintage, or those who opt for cool t-shirts of a few sizes larger. But how to wear oversized clothes? Can you combine the sweatshirt perfectly? How can we avoid looking like children who have played dress up in their parents’ closet? Simple, thanks to our quick and winning tips with sweatshirt example!

How to wear oversized clothes?

If you want your oversized garment to stand out as much as possible, a winning option is to choose very tight clothes for the rest of the outfit. For example, choose leggings combined with an oversized shirt. If you want the oversized garment to stand out, even more, you can choose dark-colored dresses, or in any case one-color, and then allow yourself all the freedom and imagination you want with the oversized sweater you want to combine.

 wear oversized clothes

However, nothing prevents you from focusing on an entirely oversized outfit. You can choose a shirt with a Korean neckline combined with wide-leg cotton trousers. Oversized trousers in linen or cotton are perfect for those who cannot give up long trousers even on the hottest summer days.

Using a belt is an original way to redesign the volumes of an oversized garment

A thin belt at the waist or hips will give a whole new style to an oversized shirt without stealing the show. But for a richer look, for example, you can dare with a bright and colorful jewel belt on a more neutral colored sweater for the evening.

One way to combine a garment of this kind is by mixing different fabrics

For example, you can combine a silk or chiffon sweater, soft and thin fabrics, to a jacket that is also oversized but of thicker and heavier fabrics, such as tweed. This principle also works in reverse, take a tight tank top with a ribbed pattern and combine it with a jacket or a kimono-cut shrug, made of semi-transparent fabric and strictly oversize. The result will certainly be original and unique.

One last tip concerns the accessories to match, to bring your oversized garments perfectly. There are two options, choose subtle accessories that contrast with the outfit or accessories that are also oversized. For those who choose the first option, the ideal can be a long and thin necklace, silver or gold, with a small pendant. For those who want oversized accessories, a maxi scarf is a perfect completion of the look and very functional in the colder months.

Combine an oversized sweatshirt

oversized sweatshirt

When you think about a garment such as a sweatshirt, you must consider the comfortable side, but it is also important to consider the sporty and casual side. The sweatshirt can be worn for various occasions, especially if it is an oversize sweatshirt. In recent years, the oversize sweatshirt has depopulated for its comfort and its unique style, which is somewhat reminiscent of that of American rappers and writers. If you have recently purchased a sweatshirt of this type and have no idea how to best match this garment, you will find below some tips suitable for you, showing you how to be fashionable with an oversized sweatshirt.

Wear sweatshirt

When we talk about an oversized garment, we must always think of a comfortable and abundant garment, which is somewhat reminiscent of garments created for women or slightly chubby men. In reality, this garment can be worn by anyone and can be used for many events. You can easily wear an oversized sweatshirt over a comfortable pair of jeans, both tight and wide, especially if equipped with a hood. It is certainly more suitable for women to wear very tight jeans, while for men, it is more appropriate to wear slightly wider jeans, even ripped.

It is an elegant garment

The oversized sweatshirt can also become an elegant garment, especially if it is worn with a nice pair of bell trousers and, above all, if it is a single-colored sweatshirt that tends to colors such as black, dark gray, amaranth or blue. In this case, you can also combine a leather shoulder bag in the same color as the sweatshirt or the same color as the trousers and create a sporty yet casual and elegant outfit. If the oversized sweatshirt is slightly shaped on the hips, you can also wear it by combining it with a very long woman with a pleated effect and a nice pair of very low shoes, preferably in the same color sweatshirt and in leather.

If the oversized sweatshirt is of a very dark color such as black, you can wear it with tight leather pants and black Beatles style ankle boots always in leather. If you want to wear a jacket, you can also choose a leather one, such as a classic “biker jacket.” Always adapt the garments’ colors that you will choose to the oversized sweatshirt to always look elegant and tidy. Also, adopt the colors of the sweatshirt to the rest of the clothing.

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