shows like Gossip Girl

Popular shows like Gossip Girl that you must see

Gossip Girl has become a quintessential pop culture series. With 6 successful seasons and a cast that to this day we have not been able to overcome, Indiscrete Girl gives us a glimpse into the world of New York high society, failed romances and other almost impossible ones. And although we know that there is no other series with a character that equals our beloved Queen B, in this post, we will recommend 7 shows like Gossip Girl that we are sure you will love. Keep reading and discover them!

7 shows like Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl follows the story of a group of teenagers from Manhattan’s high society who must deal with the neglect of their parents, toxic romances and almost daily parties. What a hard life, right? Here we present a top 7shows like Gossip Girl that you should see. You can read also: Epic seven anime

shows like Gossip Girl

1- Bridgerton

The most current and controversial Netflix series, Bridgerton, will undoubtedly enchant you. But … what makes Bridgerton a series similar to Gossip Girl?

In Bridgerton, we have a narrator called “Lady Whistledown” who is in charge of dispersing the most interesting gossip of high society around the city. Does it sound like something to you? Not to mention that, as in Gossip, Bridgerton’s characters belong to wealthy families, although in a different time than today.

What is it about?

Set in the 19th century, the series tells the story of the Bridgertons, a wealthy family. The plot follows the 8 siblings of this family and the path each of them takes to make their way into the high society of England.

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2- The OC

The OC was a teenage hit during its time. This series like Gossip Girl is the relationship drama of upper-class young people living in a specific city: Orange County. Although The OC is a series you could say “old lady,” but without a doubt a classic that you cannot miss as a fan of series like Gossip Girl.

What is it about?

Ryan Atwood, a young man with a complicated character, is adopted by the wealthy Cohen family. When he arrives in Newport Beach, Ryan will have to confront high societal prejudices and adjust to his new family and neighbors.

3- One Tree Hill

As in the previous cases, we find a group of young people locked in the standards of a place where everyone tries to fit in. Teen conflicts and dramas are what make One Tree Hill a Gossip Girl-like series.

What is it about?

The story takes place in the small North Carolina town: One Tree Hill. There the plot focuses on two paternal brothers who are raised in completely different ways. Nathan leads a wealthy life while Lucas has been raised humbly. When they both end up on the same basketball team, rivalries come to the fore.

4- Dynasty

Dinastía involves us in the environment of a wealthy family, owners of one of the most important companies in the country that faces daily labor disputes and, of course, family members. Very similar to Gossip Girl, in the Dynasty series, toxic relationships between parents and children are the daily bread.

What is it about?

Based on the original version of Dinastía (1981). Dynasty tells the story of the Carrington family who struggles to stay on top, even when it means playing dirty against their own family.

5- Skins

In Skins, the plot revolves around the life of a group of teenagers from England who faces everything that adult life and its excesses entail. This series is a constant adolescent drama that will allow us to see the growth of its protagonists and how they mature over the years.

What is it about?

Tackling controversial issues of adolescence such as homosexuality, eating diseases, depression, sex, drugs, among many others, Skins follows the lives of several teenagers who new stories replace every two seasons.

6- Baby

A little more problems we have the story of the Baby series, where we can see two girls in more depth surviving the streets of one of the most modern cities of today: Paris. Teenagers acting like adults is a factor that makes Baby one of the series most similar to Gossip Girl.

What is it about?

Two teenagers go into the streets of Paris were without even wanting to end up getting involved in a prostitution ring. Without knowing how I got out of that labyrinth, they decide to lead a double life hidden from the rest of society.

7- The secret life of the American teenager

Dealing with adolescence and prejudices is the central theme of this series that, like Gossip Girl, illustrates the hierarchy among young people within the institutes.

What is it about?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager follows the story of Amy Juergens, a 16-year-old teenager who becomes pregnant during her first night at camp. During each season, we will see Amy facing criticism and rejection from her high school classmates.

Do you know of any other Gossip Girl-like series that we should add to this count? Let us know in the comments!

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