gpu fans not spinning

Why gpu fans not spinning? Solved!

When you are in trouble with your computer, the first thing that will come into your mind is “I need to fix my graphics card”. The most common problems are: gpu fans not spinning, GPU doesn’t work. Well, I have a solution for you! Don’t panic and listen up.

Why gpu fans not spinning?

There can be several reasons for this. First of all, it is very important to know where the problem exactly is.

gpu fans not spinning

– Computer simply doesn’t boot up

This is a proper reason for gpu fans not spinning. There can be several reasons for this, but first of all you should check the power supply – it also has to be strong enough and stable.

– Computer boots up, but there is no picture on your monitor

It doesn’t matter if both computer and monitor are plugged in properly. You should check the connection between your monitor and gpu. Sometimes it happens that pins are broken, so you should check them.

– There is picture on your monitor, but it got distorted or there is no signal at all

This may be a problem with the power supply (not strong enough) or GPU not working correctly. You should check the connection between your monitor and gpu.

– Computer boots up, picture is fine, but there are lines on it

Well, this can happen to you only if you have old graphics card or for some other reason it isn’t working properly anymore. You should try checking drivers or just buy a new graphics card altogether ^_^

You will need:

– a small screwdriver – a piece of sandpaper or some sanding paper

The first thing you have to check is if your gpu fans are actually not spinning. Take the computer apart and look at the fan, but most likely it won’t be there (it is used only for cooling high power cards, but you probably don’t have such) – this is why checking it will be easier if you take the gpu out of your computer. Check how many wires and what colors there are on them (the number and type of wires may differ depending on the manufacturer).

Solve the problem by yourself

First of all, you should check if the gpu fans are not spinning at all. Maybe they just need to be cleaned? But before you start doing anything, make sure that the computer is disconnected from electricity (electricity and water don’t go together well). Use a piece of sandpaper or some sanding paper and clean dirt off the fan.

If there is still no signal, maybe you just need to check the connection. Check all the pins if they are not broken or something. If the problem is still unsolved, maybe there is a defect on your card, so you should take it to repair service.

Roman Cyrus
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