Bathroom remodelling tips to consider

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, here are some top tips to keep in mind.

1. Ensure the space is properly ventilated

A lot of condensation can be created in bathrooms, so it is important to have proper ventilation in place to remove excess moisture and prevent mould. When shopping around for ventilation fans, pay close attention to their capacity to ensure that you are making the right choice for your space.

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2. Maintain a sense of space with bespoke storage solutions

Rather than filling a smaller bathroom space with bulky freestanding units, creating built-in cupboards and concealed shelving will provide you with plenty of storage options without further reducing the available floor space. Take some time to really look at the available space you have to work with and identify the best locations for everything from towel cupboards to your bathtub.

3. Consistency is key

As this Forbes article notes, one of the main design trends of 2024 is ensuring all remodels are consistent with the style of the property. This is the simplest way to create a sense of timelessness that will add genuine value to your home.

4. Don’t neglect the details

When it comes to great interior design, the details really matter. Why not make a feature out of all the fixtures a bathroom needs to function? As the colour of copper pipe connectors has a sense of timelessness, exposed pipework can be easily incorporated into a variety of bathroom design styles.

Exposed copper pipe connectors are particularly adept at introducing a sense of industrial chic into a crisp white bathroom space, which can be finished with houseplants in metallic copper pots and sophisticated copper taps.

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5. Choose your flooring wisely

As some of the most used spaces within our homes, bathrooms need to be practical and easy to maintain. Wooden floors can look beautiful in a bathroom space; however, they are difficult to maintain and are not the most practical option. There are many excellent flooring options for bathrooms that are also aesthetically pleasing, including ceramic and porcelain tiles.

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