How to sell your property with minimal stress

When it is time to put your property on the market, you might be feeling just a little bit on edge. Here are some tips to help things go smoothly:

  • Time for presentation

Allow yourself enough time to get your home in order before putting it on the market. Think of how potential buyers will see your home and arrange a good decluttering session, complete any minor repairs and perhaps consider a fresh coat of paint.

  • Get those valuations

A general rule of thumb is to get 3 valuations for the best idea of what your property is worth. If you own a particularly unique or unusual home, aim for more than 3.

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  • Find a reputable conveyancer

Do this as soon as you have your house in order so the paperwork can begin. This is important so once a buyer is found, their solicitor has immediate access to all the information they require. For Information on selling a house, visit a site like Sam Conveyancing, providers of great Information on selling a house.

  • Get the finances sorted

Once the decision has been made to sell, speak to your mortgage lenders straight away. When you have yourself in a good financial position, you make yourself more of an attractive prospect for future purchases.

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  • Don’t automatically refuse the first low offer

Don’t always assume that the first low offer will be the first of many ascending offers. It might be the highest one you receive. When selling and buying at the same time, if you accept an offer lower than original asking price, be sure to negotiate tough on the property you want to buy.

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