Possible uses for an extension.

Rather than move home and go through the costly and timely process of Mortgage seeking and house finding many people opt to build an extension on to the side of the house. This can be a single or two storey option and will require planning permission. However this can take a lot less time than relying on the housing market. Oak Extensions, like the ones from https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-frame-extension/ make a wonderful addition to your home and look incredibly stylish. Here are some ideas as to what to have in the extension.

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  1. A proper dining room. Kitchen Diners are ok but it has to be said that the ability to bring in the meal and eat in a room just for that purpose is a great feeling. You can cook up a masterpiece without anyone seeing you get annoyed with it!
  2. Another bedroom. In case you were thinking of having an addition to the family or maybe move an elederly relative into care for and give them some privacy this is an interesting option.

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  1. A craft and hobby room. If you’re finding that you can’t pursue that landscape painting hobby that you love due to a lack of space then why not set up an additional room for its study and practice.
  2. A home gym. None of us are getting out like we used to so rather than spend a costly monthly fee to a gym why not just invest in your own and have done with it. You’ll only have one payment to make and then that’s it.
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