The different smell of the seasons. Can you tell which is when.

We all have a favourite time of the year. Most people seem to find the Spring and the Summer their’ s as everything starts to come back to life or has erupted into the full bloom of the middle of the year. For others it is the melancholier months of Autumn or even the harsh darkness of winter. Your sense of smell is also very important. Whilst we may associate, and identify more, with the colour of the months the smells that occur can reveal more in you. It is as if the smell and the scents of the season can awaken in the brain a time from the past. Those people who work outdoors such as a Poole Tree Surgeon or an Exeter gardener will be used to the different smells of the seasons, but those who work in offices for most of their time, find some of the seasonal smells new and intriguing.

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  1. The smells of Winter. Snow freshly fallen and covering the world. It’s also not just the feel of the cold it’s almost possible to smell the cold in your nose. There are others such as the scents of cinnamon and or holly and the evergreen tree smell of the pine needles.
  2. The smells of Spring. There is a build up of an aural overload as the flowers begin to break through. Not only that but as the grass that has long been left to grow suddenly needs cutting. The sun gains in strength and the trees begin to put out their blossom feeling the air with the promise of summer.

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  1. The smells of the Summer. Flowers, grass, the seaside, there are a plethora of scents for the senses. You could even include the smell of sun cream. Summer is the time where we feel the most alive and our smell sense stores up memories by the bucket load.
  2. The smells of Autumn. Woodsmoke and leaf burning smoke, plus the strange smell of the change of the season as the year prepares to end. Add this to the vibrant reds and oranges of the season and the two combines perfectly.
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