How to Help a Stiff Back

If you are suffering from a stiff back and are not finding any relief in your doctor’s office then there are a few things that you can try at home to help with your back health. A few stretches for the back can go a long way in alleviating pain and they can be done relatively easily at home.

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A stiff back or back pain is the most common reason that people visit their doctor’s office and don’t get proper treatment. By stretching correctly you can help prevent stiff backs and this is more important now as we are spending more time indoors and sitting at a desk at home. Make sure that you speak with a Next day delivery office desks company to ensure that you use the right type of desk at home.

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The best stretching exercises that you can do to help prevent back pain are those that involve stretching the muscles of your back and neck. This means that you should be doing stretching exercises such as pelvic tilt,, standing straight, overhead crunches, and more. These are all small movements that will help strengthen your back and will go a long way in helping your back health. This type of stretching is especially important if you are older and already have experienced back pain.

Another way that you can learn how to help a stiff back is by doing some light cardiovascular exercise. Many people do not realise that moving around helps to maintain a healthy back and may even help you prevent future back problems.

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